Smokey the Magnificent

Failing the Turing Test since 1986

In my old age I have taken to Art

  1. Trish

    You’re warped, and now you will probably become rich. Yay!

  2. smokering

    Cool. I could use a bit of rich.

  3. mother

    You know I’ve always said that you should publish the archives. Lemony Snicket made money, and you’re just as peculiar as he is.

  4. Goofygal

    I trust that’s not a regular McChicken and Cheese burger, then. Quite a talented lass, you are. So that’s where your offspring get their artistic talent from, yes…?

  5. Jess B

    I have very dear memories of the cute little bug scenes we used to beg you to draw us in Standard Four. Wish I’d kept some; I’d be rich!