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Questions For Today

Question the First: If you spend two and a half hours cleaning the house, make a nutritious dinner and then make custard from scratch for dessert, but forget about the custard and hop in the bath while it’s cooking, does the latter incident cancel out the former industry?

Question the Second: Why do all Bond women look alike, even those of different races? (We watched Thunderball tonight, a snooze-fest if ever there was one, and I spent most of it thinking there was one too many Bond girls, because the redhead looked brunette when her hair was wet. Terribly confusing, and when I did figure it out the plot didn’t make any more sense anyway. One has to admire a director who can make a big-budget underwater scuba battle, complete with circling sharks and bombs, drearier than a wet weekend.)

Question the Third: Why, after twenty minutes of searching, did I finally find the snortlepig’s other boot curled up inside Helpdesk Man’s laptop under the bed? Why would it be there?

Question the Fourth: Anyone know a mnemonic device to remember the difference between infra- and supralapsarianism? I always get them confused. I did, however, learn one yesterday for remembering the difference between stationery and stationary, not that I have a problem in that regard anyway. BA, innit. But according to the IRD lady, “E for envelope”. (“And A for automobile”, mused I immediately, being of quick-witted and of sharp mind.) Cunning, no?