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A Preview

I am going to make our fortunes.

Remember how back in the day, shady figures acquired their billions by selling pet rocks, Tamagotchis and sea-monkeys? Well, I have the new big thing.


They’re little shrink-wrapped toes, see, and you buy them individually and rehydrate them to see which toe they are. The aim, of course, is to collect all ten, preferably in the same skin-tone, though who am I to judge? Kids will swap them with their friends. The appeal will be in the mix of chance, skill and choice necessary to completing a set – the Amputoes will be engineered so that longer soaking will produce a pruny effect, for them that wish it. Similarly, children will be able to decide whether they want curly little toes, second toes longer than the first, hairy toes, smooth toes… the possibilities are as varied as beautiful humanity.

Then, aside from the basic set, there will be expansion packs – the Athlete’s Foot Edition, for instance, tapping into today’s zombie-crazed youth market – and collector’s editions modelled after the toes of famous fictional and historical figures – Frodo, Lincoln, Kevin Spacey and the like. Pedicure sets will be available in everything from classic French manicure to Spiderman. A foot base with little spikes will hold the toes; alternatively, they could be strung on necklaces or placed on a whimsical little couch. All these products will be advertised by anthropomorphised Amputoes – spokestoes, if you will – from the happy-go-lucky hero Bunion to the evil, mustachioed Hangnail. And kids will keep buying, foot after foot, in the hopes of getting the one-in-ten-thousand Amputhumb, the presentation of which will garner them prizes in the form of expansion packs, accessories, Amputoe comic books and so forth.

Amputoes. You heard it here first.

  1. Stephanie (foggyknitter)

    The way you are most likely to make your fortunes is by comic writing, your blog posts often have me in stitches. You should try submitting some pieces to magazines and the like, I know it’s not a sure-fire get rich quick plan (do they really exist?) but I do think people would enjoy what you have to say.

  2. Kovac

    Watch out for your toes Bnonn.

  3. smokering

    Have you *seen* his toes? I’m trying to make money here.

  4. Jess B

    I was waiting to hear at the end of the post that one of you had accidentally cut off one of your toes. So I’m glad the ending was not that.

  5. trish

    The perfect Christmas gift for a Jamie.

  6. Krissy

    This creeps me out. In the same way Garbage Pail Kids did. I bet you could make money.

  7. Smokering