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If You Could…

If you could cross any animal with any other animal to produce an int’resting hybrid, which two would you choose?

  1. Mother

    A squirrel (for appeal) and a Saint Bernard (to maximise the appeal). Squirrels are my friends.

  2. Betty Scandretti

    Why is this tagged “cooking”, my twisted sister?

    I think I would try a cat and an otter. That way, it would be only slightly different from an actual cat or otter, and the uncanny valley aspect would have its fullest effect.

  3. Mother

    I did not see the “cooking” tag. Was I supposed to include taste in my considerations? If so, please disregard any references to squirrels or Saint Bernards. That would be horrible.

  4. smokering

    Deliciousness is not necessarily a requirement: I simply did not wish to limit my readers.

    Making a cat/raptor hybrid would be amoosing, but it would also be the last thing you ever did.